18 USC 2257

There is presented neither primary nor secondary content on the website. According to the 18 USC 2257 you have a possibility to be transferred to the website where the resources were extracted. The content that is offered on the site is collected for adults. One of the website advantages is the capability of downloading the pictures and the videos that the other site visitors have chance to observe. The website politics allows uploading the materials that were mentioned above. The management of the site is doing their best to enable the rules implementation of the website. Below are listed the norms of the website that need to be adhered: Person who is uploading the content on the website need to be over 18 years old and is required to provide the proof of the age to get the submission from the administrators. Not less important is the evidences of the legal possessions of the presented materials. To contact the manager about the website rules and anything concerns the site, please fill up the DMCA form. If you think that something that is published on the website is an inappropriate, please flag it. Everything that is illicit, offensive or aggressive, on your opinion, will be removed.


As it is stated in “The Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 (DMCA)” the website is considered as provision of the services. Every person has a right to distribute the legitimately possessing materials via various sources that have the straight connection to the Internet. In accordance to the DMCA (more at: http://lcweb.loc.gov/copyright/) the management of the website obliged to react to the copyright infraction. Our authorized copyright agent will be notified of the infraction. We need to note that according to section 512 (F) a person who is representing the stolen materials is responsible for offence. If you are the legal owner of the data that is offered on the website or you have evidences that the content is used illegally, please contact our authorized copyright agent. Give us the following information: The legal source (authorization) of the copyright material that need to be dislocated; so called inappropriate content; if there is more than one item, it should be pointed on the website; The legal source (authorization) of the copyright material that will be disclosed; so called inappropriate content; that need to be deleted or deny the access to illegal component; The proof in which the owner of the material can approve that the given content is legal and wouldn't be accused by the copyright possessor; its agent or the law; The proof that confirming that the required information is true and is on oath that the plaintiff who filling the accusation is an owner or authorized owner's representative with the evidences that their rights were violated. The authorized copyright agent of the website is ready to get all the warnings about the copyright infraction on an email: xrymer[at]gmail[dot]com